Here it is, our ultimate power shield designed to provide you with independently isolated power ouputs for your pedal-board system. You can change the output voltage  from 9V to 12V or 18V for every output separately. With very reliable surge protection and hum filtration this will be your best pedal board power supply.  Get your effects sounding their best with our powershield of the best pedalboard power supplies available today. 

Noise reduction in your signal chain more cleaner sound, surge protection, rock & roll!!!

Attenuation up to 97 dBm

untilate surge protection

shilded custom cords

designed to work in 20hz-20khz

voltage selector for all the outputs

multi-LED status indication

Voltage switcher for all the outputs 9 / 12 / 18 V

Independently isolated power outputs

Robust aluminium case

Multi LED status indication

Integrated ambilight LED