As we are a small company oriented mainly to ultimate high-end audio devices, we have no Technical or cost boundaries which would limit is in any way.

  • Do you have any specific dimension requirement?
  • Do you have any specific technical requirement?
  • Do you have any specific visual requirement?
  • Would you like to renew your power cables with shielded ones?
  • Are you searching for stabilized, not just shielded power source?

One of our services we are offering is to meet at your location and measure the local electrical conditions in terms of hum produced inside your electric circuit.

We are open and more than happy to build your desired device exactly according to your requirements.

Custom shop does not mean more precise product in Meneres language, this is something what we are offering in any case!

It’s about to be more flexible in our services, as every customer might be different.

Where the rest ends, Meneres starts …