Here it is, our flag ship, Studio powershiled designed and built without any technical or cost compromises. we’ve used the best available and the most modern componnets to build this up in order to be really proud and able to introduce probably the best shileded power source, surge protection and most effective filtration device on the market. 

Available in two case options:

  • Stand alone case
  • Rack solution

Why needed? One of the best deviced that filters out the “dirty” power and keeps your expensive equipment safer and functioning more efficiently. It helps to ensure that your equipment lasts for as long as possible.

Attenuation up to 97 dBm

ultiMate 3 stage surge protectioN

shilded custom cords

designed to work in 20hz-20khz

Cascading Audio Grade EMI filtration

Real-time monitorinG

Real-time amp meter

Real-time volt meter


12x socket power buttons

Aluminium custom case

12x shilded power socket

Main power cord plug and main ON/OFF button

No standard fuse but circuit breaker

Rigid standing pods